Safety and Education

Many of our trails are multi-use trails. That means you are likely to see hikers, walkers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. If we want to preserve our access to the great outdoors, we must have good relations with other trail users and the landowners. Please ride responsibly and respect the rights of others to enjoy these open spaces. 

Safety Tips

It is very important that ATV riders of all varieties respect other trail users – especially the horses and riders. The best way to do this if you meet them on the trail is simply to:

  • a) stop your machine,
  • b) turn it off,
  • c) take off your helmet, and
  • d) wait for them to reach you, or wait for them to motion you by.

Most will be happy to chat for a minute, and you may make some new friends by offering this courtesy.

Please keep in mind – the ATV is not a baby sitter. Allowing children under 16 to venture off of their own land alone on an ATV is not legal. Children 10-15 years of age must complete a safety course before operating an atv off their own land. They must be supervised until age 16 even with the safety course. It is also the law that all riders under 18 must wear a helmet when riding any atv, even if a passenger in a sxs. The most serious accidents in this age group typically occur when these youths are not supervised by a parent or guardian.

 Did you know it is also illegal to ride on crop land without written landowners permission? This includes Hay fields which is considered a crop along with Orchards and regular crop land. If caught on any of these the machine owner could be held liable for up to twice the cost of the damage. In other words a quick ride across a hay field could ruin 50 bales of hay at $5 each, in turn the owner would be responsible to pay $500 to the farmer for this hay.